There are numerous benefits of learning a new language. Being a polyglot not only increases your chances of progression in your career but it also has a great impact on your brain enhancing many of your cognitive skills that include reasoning, planning, problem-solving and multitasking. Multilingual people can learn more languages easily, are keen observers, and have sharp memories. They also tend to have less cognitive decline in their older ages.

The pros of being a polyglot are many, but is it easy to learn a completely new and different language?

The answer is, ‘Yes’.

Here are few secrets that can help you to learn new languages easily and fluently:

  1. Find amusement in your learning.

    When you enjoy the learning process, that can help you to think more clearly, understand more deeply, and remember more accurately. It has the power to transform you from a struggling performer to a high achiever. For instance, a lady learned Spanish by reading the translation of her favorite book, ‘Harry Potter’ in Spanish. A woman learned German by watching her favorite show dubbed in Deutsche. A young boy became fluent in Turkish by watching ‘Ertugrul’ in its home language.
  2. Use effective methods to support your learning.
    Use apps like Memrise to memorise the right words and phrases or websites like Language Pod 101 to get free lessons. Listen to that language in the form of dialogues, prose, or poetry while you’re on the way to work. Make a learning schedule and observe your progress.
    Tip: Don’t try to translate the language you’re learning from your native one.
  3. Conversate with the native speakers in-person or online.

    Native speakers can help you improve your fluency and build your confidence. Talking with the natives will not only help you to understand them clearly but it will also improve your pronunciation and accent of that language. The more you converse with the natives, the more likely you are to pick up on the nuances in their pronunciations without even trying. Don’t worry about making mistakes as a native speaker will be happy to correct you. You can use the app HelloTalk to find native speakers worldwide.

And the most important thing to achieve your goals is persistence and passion. Be on the correct path, take the right steps, and stay persistent- you’ll be a polyglot within a few months.

Enjoy learning!


Rabia is an entrepreneur, engineer, writer, and mentor. She writes about education, website designing, content marketing and SEO, social media marketing strategies, digital security, entrepreneurship, career counselling, and self-improvement.


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