When I started my blog, I had the same confusion.

Should I name it Rabia Naeem?

Or something related to the word inspiration as my blog is all about inspiring people.

I chose the name Inspiring People. And the domain name of inspiringpeople.com.

Note: A domain name is a name that people type in their web browsers to access your website. It is unique for everyone and cannot be shared by two different websites.

Guess what?

That domain name was taken.

And so, I was sitting there trying different versions of the word Inspire and almost all were taken!

Then, a horrible idea came to my mind. I started translating inspire to different languages.

Voila! I found Inspirieren which’s a German translation of to inspire.

But even that was not available. So, I added an e to the spelling.

And this is how I named my blog Inspirierene.

I’ve always thought that I got the best name, but it was the worst.

Inspirierene never fit into my vision and long-term plans. Moreover, it was hard to pronounce.

And I always had to spell it whenever someone asked about my blog.

Sooo many problems… with just a name!

I started a business later with a friend and we did weeks of research on choosing a name.

And that’s actually the best one:

Inspaceweb – Web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services for all.

(Ignore my obsession with ‘insp’).

And yeah, as you can see, I changed my blog’s name too. Now, it is Rabia Naeem.

Now, you might be thinking: Okay, but…

How on earth should I choose the best name for my business/ blog?

Here are 2 simple things you should keep in mind while choosing a name for your business/ blog:

  • What is constant in your business: you or your products/ services?
  • What do you want from your business: your long-term plan?

What is constant in your business?

If you’re a writer, coach, speaker, host, freelancer, or professor, choose a name that is more focused on you. Because in this case- you are constant in your business.


If you’re constantly selling the same kind of products/ services or your blog have a specific niche, then choose a name that fits in the industry of that product/ service or blog.


Choosing a name is not limited to this.

People built business empires with names as simple as “Apple”.

A coach may name his business based on his services: Succeed as your own boss by Melinda Emerson (Business coach).

And a product-focused business can be named after its owner: Calvin Klein (Fashion brand)

A business can be a mixture of both (your name + your industry focus) too: Huda Beauty (Makeup brand) by Huda Kattan.


I know it’s confusing. This is when the second thing comes into action.

What do you want from your business?

If you want to be remembered – you want people to recall your name whenever they use your products/ services – Or if you want to launch different brands/ businesses under your name and never want to get stuck – choose YOUR name even if your focus is a product or service.


  • Armani (Clothing brand) by Georgio Armani
  • Colgate (Dental Care) by William Colgate
  • Dell (IT) by Michael Dell
  • Ferrero (Confectionery) by Pietro Ferrero
  • Suzuki (Automobile) by Michio Suzuki

If you want to sell your business at any point in life or plan to make partners, then go for a name that fits your industry even if you’re a coach or speaker.


When you choose a name for your business, what is most important is that YOU are clear about what you want and where you want to go in the long run.

Your vision and clarity about your goals are all that can help you in choosing the best name for your business.

Bonus Tips while deciding a name for your business:

Choose a name that is:

  • is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.
  • shows your vision.
  • is a popular or common word in your industry.
  • is available (this is the real struggle – you might come up with the best name only to find that the domain for that name is NOT available).

What to do in this situation?

  • Try different extensions.

For example, instead of .com, try .net, .co, . blog, etc.

  • Use your First/ Last name + Product/ Service/ Industry name

For example: Hilton Hotels by Conrod Hilton

  • Use your name’s initials + Product/ Service/ Industry name

For example: GT Bicycles by Gary Turner

Request: Please, don’t translate your business/blog names into German or any other language. Else you’ll also end up telling people, “it’s ins-pi-ri-en and the spelling is I-N-S-P-I-R-I-E-R-E-N-E”. The people will still pronounce it “ins-pi-ri-ri-ri-reeeeene”!

Have you ever struggled to find a name for your business?

Share your stories in the comments.

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Thank you for reading!


Rabia is an entrepreneur, engineer, writer, and mentor. She writes about education, website designing, content marketing and SEO, social media marketing strategies, digital security, entrepreneurship, career counselling, and self-improvement.


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