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Hi there!
I am Rabia Naeem.

Experienced digital marketer, writer, and mentor helping small and medium-scale businesses sell their products, generate leads, and make profits.

I’ve helped 72+ entrepreneurs worldwide grow thriving businesses and make 7 figures in income.

If you also want to grow your business with digital marketing strategies, feel free to message me, and we can grab a virtual cup of tea and discuss how I can help you!

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A little story..

Once upon a time there was an ambitious girl who wanted to explore the world beyond stars and galaxies. She had ambitions in her eyes and a universe in her head. 

Okay, turning off my fictional mode. 

I am an ordinary woman trying to work for the best. I was graduated as an engineer in 2017 and started looking for jobs like many other fresh grads. After adopting several careers, I left my routine job that had put a dent on my creative skills and decided to move abroad to get a master’s degree. My main purpose was to explore the world – the cities, people, cultures, and different fields of knowledge. I got admissions in the top universities and just before I could proceed, the pandemic hit the world. It was then when I started learning and working online.

I started a business that I can run from anywhere with my laptop. My first digital marketing client made Rs.270,000 ($1,200) in one week, and I didn’t charge for that campaign. It’s been years, and that lady still takes my services and pays my desired charges. Since then, I’ve helped various women globally to grow their businesses using digital marketing strategies that show results. I’ve worked with individuals and companies in Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, U.A.E, U.K, Canada, U.S.A, Germany, Ghana, and Senegal. It’s a treat to work with people from all over the world.

I’ve also helped many young men and women from different cities in Pakistan in their studies and career paths, wrote various articles, and participated in a number of social events in Pakistan and U.A.E.

On a personal level, I am a natural, honest, cooperative, and ambitious woman who loves to help
people. I love to read, and my books are among my favourite relaxations with a cup of hot tea. I started
writing fiction on the desire of my friends and wrote a novel and a few short stories. I am a country woman but loves nature with all my heart. I like the quiet hush of the forested mountains, huge waves of the ocean touching my feet, and a long drive on a country back road.

I aim to work diligently for the development of the world, and this is just a starting point of all that I aspire to do.

What else?

Now, if you need a website or digital marketing services for your business, feel free to message me and we can grab a virtual cup of tea and discuss how I can help you!