Social Media Advertising for Bows n Stitches

Social Media Advertising for Hair Accessories Brand – 110% increase in orders in 7 days

Bows n Stitches is a fashion brand from Pakistan that sells custom and floral hair accessories online. They reached my team for social media advertising services. Their main goal was to get more orders for their custom products.

Social Media Services:

We prepared an Instagram ad campaign and set automated responses to cater to the queries of their potential customers. The results were outstanding.

Results of the Social Media Campaigns:

They got 220 new customers in 5 days and 110% more orders in comparison to the previous week. Their Instagram account reached more than 20 thousand people in this duration.

They were extremely happy and satisfied with the results. This is what we work for – our clients’ happy faces!

Client Testimonial:

Got a lot of reach and queries from your ad. No spam accounts or irrelevant queries that shows the target audience was set according to our page market. Got done from all the orders I got from your ad. ALHAMDOLILAH. Would have never taken risk to run ad for 6-7 days. You just made us believe in our work and potential that we can do a lot more then what we were doing.

Thank you for your support.

Nehala Asif, Owner Bows n Stitches

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